What We Do

OneRefuge supports resettlement agencies, the families they serve and the communities that are welcoming them.  We create supportive family teams dedicated to walking alongside a resettling family for six months to a year, helping them to navigate life in their new community, flourish and become empowered.  When you volunteer with OneRefuge, you will gain a new perspective, a new understanding of community and make some wonderful friends.

How We Do It


We believe it takes a village and that is why we created the Salaam Neighboring program, which builds community through Family Teams. Our goal is not to replace the wheel, but to add spokes to reinforce it. We support the message and training that resettlement agencies provide and extend it beyond the traditional 90-day program.

Salaam Neighboring Team Members include:

• Translator and point of contact as families first arrive and need help communicating needs
• English Buddy on a team of two practice partners together or via Skype from your home or office
• Transportation Buddy to teach the art of riding the transit system
• Education Partner as a tutor and help for families to find educational opportunities
• Occupational Mentor that helps job seekers translate their skills and experience into an income here
• Health Advocate who can help families with health challenges find the extra support they need